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 "Paradise" Massage & Sauna 

Allow yourself to experience something special for a little while. Are you ready to be born again?

This offer includes:

- YOU Massage "Paradise" (60 min) is an unique massage program made especially for YOU Therapy room & sauna's visitors and it is complied with the contemporary way of life. Combines an ancient Eastern techniques and modern therapeutic treatment of the West. The individual aromatherapy  follows the senses. This Massage opens the door in your consciousness to vitality, youth and health sources and helps to strive with emotions, stress and never-ending thoughts. Starts from the body surface reaching the inside bones which guarantee impact. It is loading to the limits different receptors and "restart" them;
- Deep unwind in relax zone in the deck chair under beautiful sounds;
- YOU Sauna - Aroma Finland or Infrared (45 min) is a perfect way to finalize your resurrection processes in your body and soul;
- Bonus - a fresh juice;
- Parking.
110,- Euro

A reservation in advance is needed at least 3 hours prior coming.
Please call for more information and order.

For reservations - tel. +359 2 814 48 88, +359 885 006 810 or e-mail -

"Paradise" Massage & Sauna